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Artificial topiary and artificial topiary trees are a timeless classic in a range of designs, standing the test of time and still a popular choice for interior and exterior designs.

From artificial topiary balls to add kerbside appeal, artificial hedges as privacy screening to artificial topiary trees for a contemporary finish or artificial topiary cones and spirals as decorative features, we have a range of artificial topiary options to suit your design and budget. Bespoke made to measure options available, if our range of standard artificial topiary products doesn't quite meet your needs, we can create a product to the exact size required.

One of the key benefits of artificial topiary is that they are low maintenance, with no requirement for pruning and shaping to keep them looking their best. Our artificial topiary is botanically accurate, with a rich green base and lush "fresh" shoots of new foliage to create a realistic look and feel to the product. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest quality artificial foliage.

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