Artificial Boxwood Matting - 25cm x 25cm mat


Our superior quality artificial boxwood mats provide an instant and adaptable hedging solution, or can be used to create a green wall.

The mats clip together to create a seamless effect and can be easily affixed to a variety of surfaces or frames to create the desired look. Flexible style means they can be applied to flat and curved surfaces, and are easy to cut to the exact size required. 

Each individual mat is 25cm x 25cm and weighs 150g.

Please see our guidance below for number of mats required for square meter coverage. 

Square meter coverage Number of mats required
1 sq. meter 16 mats
sq. meter 32 mats
sq. meter 48 mats
sq. meter 64 mats
sq. meter 80 mats
sq. meter 96 mats


UV and FR options available, please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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