Artificial Green Wall Panel - 1 sq.m


Our lush artificial green wall panels can be used to build a stunning feature in any space, providing a vibrant, natural installation all year round, without any maintenance required.

The panels consist of range of artificial foliage with a pleasant variety of colours, hues and textures. From a single artificial green wall panel used as an art piece, or a number used to cover an entire wall they are a versatile product for a range of designs. The panels can also be cut to any size or shape required and are the perfect greenery partner to your design.

Our artificial living wall panels can be used as art, temporary or permanent screening, as a greenery wall in an office or home, decorative fencing, as dividers in restaurants and commercial offices or used to screen urban spaces.

Dimensions: Each panel is 1m x 1m and weighs approximately 10kg. The frames are constructed from 3mm galvanised steel. All foliage on these panels is UV Resistant and Fire Retardant. Wall fixings included. 

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