How to pot up your Artificial Tree

How to pot up your Artificial Tree

How do I pot up my artificial tree? 

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get asked by customers when they have bought or are looking to buy an artificial tree

Fear not, Team Ascott are here to help! We offer potting up as part of our bespoke service, so get in touch if you'd like to find out more, or keep read to discover how to pot up your own tree. 

So, how do you pot up an artificial tree!?

The answer to the question really depends on the final look you'd like for your room, but there are a variety of options to suit the style that you're going for. From slate to hessian sheet to small artificial plants added to the base, there's really no limit to how you pot up your artificial tree. 


Potting Up

Once your order has arrived and you've unwrapped your artificial tree, you'll see the real wood trunks are cast into a pot of their own.

You can place this pot directly in your own planter. Depending on how big your planter is you may need to add some padding around the casting pot, using readily available packing materials such as bubble wrap or scrunched up newspaper. 

Ascott Artificial Tree Stems in Pot
Image above: Tree trunks in the casting pot, how your artificial tree will arrive. 


Blue slate is one of the most popular finishes for our artificial trees, and it is one of our team's favourites too, but plum and green slate work equally as well, depending on the interior design of the room. You can purchase slate from most garden centres, and we recommend using the small chip slate. 

Other alternatives that can be used include pebbles, cobbles, stones and shells; the possibilities are endless! 

Ascott - potting up - glazed blue slate
Image above: Glazed blue slate

Ascott potting up - unglazed blue slateImage above: Un-glazed blue slate

Artificial Base Planting

Small artificial plants are great to use as base planting. We have a range of artificial plant options to suit the different styles that can be achieved. 

Our Artificial Grasses are a great addition to the base planting of artificial trees, if you're looking to add extra greenery. 

Ascott - Artificial Grasses base planting
Image above: Artificial Grasses base planting for artificial tree

As an alternative to artificial grasses, our artificial boxwood bush are another great way to add greenery to the base planting of your artificial tree. 

Ascott - Artificial Boxwood Bush base planting
Image above: Artificial Boxwood Bush base planting for artificial tree

Hessian Sheet

For a rustic, country finish to your artificial tree, the addition of hessian sheet adds a subtle decorative finish. 

Ascott - hessian potting up for artificial tree
Image above: Hessian wrapped to the base of an artificial tree


We're here to help

If you'd like to discuss how best to pot your artificial tree up, just give a member of Team Ascott a call on 01789 330 525 or your can message us using our contact page.

If you're looking to purchase an artificial tree already potted, we can source and supply a huge variety of planters, so contact us to find out more! 

Elizabeth at Ascott

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